Hemingway and the Screenplay

In Articles on November 10, 2010 at 6:20 am

Hemingway’s FWTBT was turned into a movie that was produced in in 1943, just three years after the book itself was copyrighted.

Hemingway was given a copy of the script to look over before the movie was filmed. Hemingway, like the man that he was, had many problems with that he didn’t hesitate to share. The original writer of the script is Nicholas.

It’d the classic Hemingway superiority complex and huge ego. Hemingway is a perfectionist and couldn’t stand to see anything incorrect in the script. A few intriguing quotes are:

“There are also a number of things which are simply stupid.”

“Under the band El Sordo one character is called Rinaldo. This is an Italian name, not a spanish one.”

“I used the true name, in the book. In a year or so I will be broke and neither André Marty nor his desceendents, if they sue me, will be able to obtain any damages.”

“where does Pilar get this bed in the cave? … Where would such a bed come from? If you can figure out where it would come from and see how thwi hauled it up there and put it in, then it is O.K.”

After these hilariously mean comments, Hemingway ends his letter with “If I should bitter in this, please throw it out, the bitterness or any rudeness or insults.” As if the letter itself wasn’t enough….

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